Mobile Computing


Use the ADVANTAGe solution to go to the customer

With ADVANTAGe Mobile, one can access POS on various types of mobile devices include tablets, phones and laptops. ADVANTAGe Mobile supports multiple user interfaces to ensure the best experience for your customers and the staff.

  • Use ADVANTAGe Mobile to maximize selling and transacting in the same experience. Work with the customer where they are in the store, at home or at a special event. Seamlessly transition to and leverage your sales tools to enhance the selling process as the customer is deciding their purchases.
  • With ADVANTAGe, one can start a transaction anywhere in the enterprise and retrieve it later in the same or different location or using a different device.
  • For convenience, email the customer their receipt or use the remote print capability to print the receipt at a POS terminal or a print station located throughout the store.
  • ADVANTAGe Mobile works with several types of EMV compliant payment terminals and protected by point to point encryption.