Gaining the Competitive Edge


Maximize your competitive advantage with omni-channel solutions from e3 Retail

e3 Retail's ADVANTAGe suite provides solutions that can be leveraged across your entire enterprise and retail channels. Use ADVANTAGe tools to setup, manage, and execute promotional offers across all retail channels. Perform "point of service" transactions using mobile devices, kiosks, or traditional POS terminals. Transact in-store, in-home, or at special events using consistent tools and easy-to-use applications, all while maintaining connectivity to key information to enhance the customer experience and complete the sale.

  • Using EPM, empower your marketing team with tools to create powerful offers designed to drive sales, move specific product, or quickly react to a changing market.  EPM's offer simulator ensures offer accuracy and eliminates costly mistakes impacting your SG&A.
  • Today's retail market demands more frequent introduction of new feature capability for your associates to enhance the customer experience and convenience of shopping. Eliminate supporting multiple applications that increase your development cost, software maintenance cost, and time to market. The ADVANTAGe suite provides a consistent application across mobile, kiosk, and traditional POS devices with adaptive user interfaces dependent on the type of device and who is using it.
  • Today's competitive landscape requires you to close the sale where your customer is. With ADVANTAGe POS and Mobile, your sales associates are not restricted to the store or a particular location within the store. Use ADVANTAGe Mobile to conduct business at your customer's home, special events, or in-store. Leverage the full capability of the ADVANTAGE suite in all locations.

Key Capabilities

  • Solutions designed to cost-effectively leverage across your entire retail environment
  • Easy-to-use touch UI for point of service to reduce training and acceptance
  • Leverage employee and customer mobile devices as well as traditional POS registers
  • For security, enable features by who signs on, device configuration, and where the device is used
  • Supports 24/7 operations
  • Eliminate the pain point of having to remember to open and close the store by using advanced ADVANTAGe features