TouchPointPOS is a scalable, standards-based POS and store-management software solution developed using the latest advanced technologies from Microsoft. It is designed specifically for retailers pursuing overall efficiency, reduction of training cost and having accurate information available anywhere in real time.

TouchPointPOS is available as a stand-alone POS solution or can be integrated into other third-party solutions allowing interaction with other stores and other sales channels. Moreover, TouchPointPOS is not limited to running on a traditional POS device — retailers can also deploy it on self-service kiosks, or hand-held devices. Product features include: 

  • Customized-touch GUI
  • Real-time information
  • Centralized database
  • Global solution
  • Usage anywhere, anytime, on any device

ADVANTAGe Promotions

Our Sales Promotion tools support targeting different customers and a retailers’ offer management system and strategy. Depending upon the retail environment, promotions can be downloaded to each store or set up via the in-store back office. Some of the promotion types supported include:

  • Promotional price at the item level by customer
  • Group level promotional pricing by customer
  • Buy item X in a specific group and receive $ or % off
  • Item promotional pricing by date range or time/hour
  • Standard discounting at item or transaction level ($ or % off)
  • Coupons

ADVANTAGe Returns Management

Our Returns Management solution minimizes the cost of managing returned products and reduces fraud. We address these challenges in three ways:

  • Merchandise being returned is authorized against the original sale transaction to determine whether the item is approved for return and meets the store return policy.
  •  In order to improve accuracy and customer service, the return price and prorated tax amount is automatically calculated, even if the item is involved in a promotion.
  • Return transactions can be performed at any store, not necessarily the store where the original purchase was made. 


ADVANTAGe Merchandise Locator

If a customer desires a certain product not found in their current store, or if they require a multiple quantity of the product and it does not appear to be available, sales associates can use the Merchandise Locator to:

  • Search and locate products within a store, another store, or a group of stores within a certain radius of the requesting store.
  • Search and locate merchandise within warehouse locations associated with a specific store, as well as items in transit. Once the specific merchandise is located, the quantity of inventory on-hand is displayed.
  • Display and print the addresses of alternate store locations with the customer’s requested merchandise. 

ADVANTAGe Inventory Management

One of the largest current assets of a retailer’s business, inventory management is vital to measure financial performance. We track, manage and report real-time changes to inventory counts, including:

  • Selling of merchandise
  • Receipt of merchandise into the store via a PO or transfer
  • Transfers out
  • Recorded cycle counts
  • Adjustments to on-hand physical counts
  • Setting of min/max levels for reorders 

ADVANTAGe Integrated Cash Management

Increase efficiencies and manage risk with our Integrated Cash Management solutions. Supported features include:

  • Loans
  •  Withdrawals
  •  Till balance (blind/non-blind)
  •  An online tender calculator

In addition, current and historical reporting is available including Over/Short and Tender Detail to ensure accuracy and minimize fraud. The system calculates the correct balance amount for the tills. This system balance amount can be displayed to the user, provided they have the permission to see this data.