What People are Saying About E3 Retail...

"American Kiosk Management (AKM) selected E3 Retail’s TouchPoint POS solution because of the functionality of their solution, the company’s track record in the retail industry and their reputation for providing a high level of customer service."
- Linda Johansen-James, CEO American Kiosk Management

"We recognized that we needed to deploy enhanced technologies that would improve our franchise operations, relations and sales while providing all of the stakeholders with the ability to manage the business and have the appropriate data at the appropriate levels." - Global IT Strategy Manager

"We were able to separate and standardize device interactions including POS peripherals from our POS application with E3 Retail's software application." - Bob, CTO

"Take the gamble out of the decision with a sure winner." -Jen, Program Manager

"If you’re looking at replacing your POS, be sure to look at e3 Retail first." -Rick, Dev Manager

"Flexible solutions are important." - Nick, Technology Manager

"We took the POS information from the profit center level down to the SKU level to give the franchisees the ability to create and manage their own SKUs and produce many more system level reports." - VP of Technology