About our products

E3 Retail’s team of retail-focused experts have developed the ADVANTAGe suite. This suite of solutions covers both the shopping channel and enterprise solutions. These solutions will provide a quick ROI and a competitive ADVANTAGe to any retailer.


Provide omnichannel customer experiences — and reduce operational costs.

E3 Retail’s shopping channel solutions provide a robust platform to consistently run a successful retail enterprise on a day-to-day basis. This suite of retail applications improves the customer experience, reduces costs and enables true omni-channel retailing.



Maximize your legacy systems and operational processes.

E3 Retail’s ADVANTAGe enterprise solutions provide retailers with innovative technologies that deliver a quick ROI. These solutions provide invaluable business insight from store management to C-level executives, giving retailers the ability to improve their bottom line and effectively manage their enterprise.