Speaking From Experience

An excerpt from the CIO Review magazine:

"E3 Retail is a prime example of a self-disciplined organization. With a passion for developing and delivering great retail solutions, we take a slow and disciplined approach in building business, working closely with retailers at all levels of management to deliver consistent high-quality work on-time and within budget."

- Ken Jenkins, President, CEO

Our Story

E3 Retail is a privately held company with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, San Diego, California and New Delhi, India. E3 Retail delivers innovative retail solutions to the enterprise. We have provided solutions to some of the leading companies in the world.

E3 Retail has been recognized as a team of creative specialists who embrace emerging technologies. Our expertise encompasses information technology, complex networks, systems architecture, industry consulting, and innovative data solutions.

E3 Retail’s solutions are deployed on premise, at the enterprise, in the cloud, and on mobile devices. Our applications include:

  • An offer management solution that provides a retailer with a tool to create and manage offers across the enterprise and all channels.
  • An integrated returns package that can be accessed from any location.
  • A product linking application that allows the retailer to create product relationships between one or more items (i.e. phone, plans, and accessories).
  • A device management solution which allows the sharing of POS devices between multiple applications as well as providing the capability of accessing POS peripherals from wireless devices or web applications.
  • A data exchange manager which enables the exchange of data between the POS and other applications.
  • A retail services process which enables business and technology agility by allowing the passing of messages between services.
  • TouchPointPOS, E3 Retail’s Point-of-Service (POS) application, which may be deployed on the web or on premise on any device. This solution supports failover with automatically switching to a different, redundant system upon failure or abnormal termination of the current active system.
  • A merchandise locator to search and locate products within a store, another store, a group of stores, or a warehouse.

E3 Retail also offers a service practice which includes:

  • A technology practice focused on developing Proof-of-Concepts (POC) and providing independent assessments.
  • A .NET Service Center for offshore development.
  • A consulting team providing assessments around risk and compliancy.

Why Do Business with E3 Retail?

  • E3 Retail = Experience ... Excellence ... Execution
  • The core group at E3 Retail has worked together as a team for more than 20 years.
  • Product support before and after the sale consistently exceeds others in the industry.
  • The team at E3 Retail values its integrity, reputation, and commitment to our customers.
  • Achieving a 100% success rate on every customer project ever undertaken. Our success is defined by the customer!
  • Having a 98% on-time project completion rate – “one project delayed by two weeks.”
  • Consistently applying new technologies to ROI and increase our customer’s competitive ADVANTAGe.