Execute Timely Offers for All Channels


Your customer does not distinguish between your different shopping channels for pricing, should you?

Accuracy, consistency, and speed are at the heart of the ADVANTAGe Enterprise Promotions Manager product. It is imperative that prices and promotions execute just as you expect, are consistently applied across channels, as desired; and afford you to move with deliberate speed to respond to the ever-changing marketplace.

  • Using the EPM setup tool, define exclusive and combinable promotions.
  • Execute promotions to become effective in the future or real time for all locations, specific locations, or user-defined location groups. 
  • Via the EPM simulator, simulate promotions to ensure the accuracy of all promotions occurring on a specific date and time.
  • Deploy EPM pricing engines in any retail channel to execute active promotions using the same data rules used to validate the promotions at setup and to ensure consistency.
  • EPM scales to allow thousands of simultaneous active promotions supporting both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail channels.