Best Buy deploys e3 Retail's ADVANTAGe POS solution

e3 Retail announces Best Buy deployment of e3 Retail’s next generation Point of Service (POS) software focusing on customer experience, new EMV compliance requirements and flexibility with ADVANTAGe POS

RALEIGH, NC –(BUSINESS WIRE) – January 17, 2016 – e3 Retail announced today that Best Buy completed its chain wide deployment of e3 Retail’s new ADVANTAGe POS software within the first six months of 2015. The software was in place prior to the 2015 holiday shopping season in each of Best Buy’s more than 1,400 stores in the U.S.

e3 Retail’s ADVANTAGe suite of enterprise retail software is an advanced solution designed for tomorrow’s retail challenges and redefines the traditional approach to point of sale software. With ADVANTAGe POS, retailers can easily utilize multiple form factors – including mobile tablets, kiosk and traditional POS registers – for customer efficiency and checkout, eliminating the unnecessary cost and time to support similar functionality on multiple software platforms.
In an ever-changing competitive retail market landscape, Best Buy is well positioned to move faster with the introduction of these and many other new capabilities into its stores. “e3 Retail is an important partner for us as we work to put the customer at the core of every process and every decision,” said Joe McRae, Senior Director of Retail IT for Best Buy. “The POS solution was key to facilitating a positive experience for our customers. Using a solid product together with incredibly knowledgeable teams produced a system that was simple and intuitive for our associates. e3 Retail brought both of these qualities to the table.”

ADVANTAGe POS is designed with the holistic store experience at its core. This is achieved by creating optimal experiences for both the associates and the customer. The intelligent user interface provides the associate with real-time information at the right time to impact the customer experience. To compliment the new POS system, Best Buy also invested in new touch-based flat-screen monitors. By enabling the touch screen interface, ADVANTAGe POS can be used throughout the store in order to significantly aid usability and speed. As a result, both the needed training time and overall transaction time decreased. The faster transaction times ran contrary to what many retailers experienced as a result of the new EMV compliance requirements.

Best Buy is also leveraging e3 Retail’s ADVANTAGe Enterprise Promotions Engine to deliver omni-channel pricing in real-time to systems requiring up to the minute pricing and offers. “e3 Retail’s success is defined by our customers”, said Ken Jenkins, President, CEO, e3 Retail. "We appreciate the confidence Best Buy has shown in e3 Retail. As Best Buy grows their business, e3 Retail can provide the company with a competitive advantage by bringing innovative technology solutions, project leadership and service wherever they are needed."
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