From American Kiosk Management

"In 2008, American Kiosk Management (AKM) was looking for a modern POS solution that could handle every aspect of our business. We selected e3 Retail as that technology partner. Since implementing the e3 Retail solution, AKM is able to make smart decisions to reduce costs, increase sales and deliver an exceptional customer experience."

"AKM has also installed from e3 Retail’s software portfolio the Enterprise Offer Management solution. With this solution, AKM has been able to increase customer loyalty with the flexibility in defining promotions, increase overall revenue by streamlining promotion execution, through the rules based tool we can now determine the applicable promotion to provide the “best deal” to the customer and this solution integrates seamlessly with TouchPoint POS."

"Bottom line, we are pleased to be partnered with e3 Retail."

Linda Johansen–James | American Kiosk Management, CEO