International Retail Solutions company E3 Retail to establish a Software Development & Sales Centre in Sligo, creating 40 jobs

6th June, 2018 - Sligo.  International Retail Solutions company E3 Retail announced today it is to establish a Software Development and Sales Centre in Sligo to support the development and localisation of its retail solutions platform and architecture based on a cloud utility (“pay as you go”) model.

The project is supported by the Government through IDA Ireland, with E3 Retail planning to create 40+ jobs in 5 years.  This includes key roles such as Technical Director, Marketing, and a new software development team (senior full stack cloud developers, cloud data storage architects, .net core and Angular 5+ UI developers, QA analysts, DevOps).

From left to right:  Allan Mulrooney,  Regional Business Development Executive, North West Region, IDA Ireland,  John Nugent , Regional Business Development Manager, North West Region, IDA Ireland, Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation,  Heather Humphreys TD ,  Barry Henderson , E3 Retail COO and co-founder, Chris Henderson  of E3 Retail,  Kathleen Bohan , Project Executive, Emerging Business Division, IDA Ireland &  Kevin Carroll , Manager, Emerging Business Division, IDA Ireland.

From left to right: Allan Mulrooney, Regional Business Development Executive, North West Region, IDA Ireland, John Nugent, Regional Business Development Manager, North West Region, IDA Ireland, Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation, Heather Humphreys TDBarry Henderson, E3 Retail COO and co-founder,Chris Henderson of E3 Retail, Kathleen Bohan, Project Executive, Emerging Business Division, IDA Ireland & Kevin Carroll, Manager, Emerging Business Division, IDA Ireland.

The company will initially locate in the Innovation Centre in Sligo IT. 

Speaking at today’s announcement, E3 Retail’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Barry Henderson said: “After working with the IDA to evaluate the technical talent in Ireland and appreciating the wonderful community spirit alive in Sligo, we are both honoured and excited to create a new centre in Sligo.   We look forward to expanding our global technology team, as we concurrently look to expand our product offerings and consulting services into Europe.”

Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation, Heather Humphreys TD welcomed the announcement, saying “I am delighted that E3 Retail will establish a Software Development and Sales Centre in Sligo. This will result in the creation of over 40 highly skilled jobs over the next 5 years. The Government is strongly committed to providing a pro-business, pro-enterprise environment for all businesses, both foreign and indigenous, in regional locations. Announcements like this tell us that our plan is working and I would like to warmly welcome E3 Retail to Ireland and Sligo.”

IDA Ireland’s CEO Martin Shanahan said: “This software development project by E3 Retail is a terrific and very welcome investment for Sligo and the North West Region, given IDA Ireland’s strategic objective to win more high value projects for the Region. The 40 jobs being created will be a significant boost to the local economy. It will also act as an important reference seller for Sligo and the region, demonstrating that Tech companies such as E3 Retail and Overstock, who established in 2013, can find the skilled staff they need to base their operations here.   I wish Barry and his team every success.”

E3 Retail is hosting a walk-in information session  this Saturday, June 9th from 2-4 pm at the Building Block in Sligo for those interested in learning more about the new roles.

About the company

Founded in 1993, E3 Retail is a privately held company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.   E3 Retail also has sales and development centres in San Diego, California and New Delhi, India.   The company provides innovative, omni-channel retail solutions to the enterprise.   E3 Retail’s product offering includes store systems solutions (Point-of-Sale, Mobile POS, Cash Management, Inventory Movement, etc.) as well as a vast selection of Cloud based enterprise solutions for Complex Pricing/Promotions Management, Returns Management, Enterprise Reporting, Product Relationship Management, Universal Sales Basket / Data Exchange Manager, CRM Integration, Enterprise Data Maintenance, and Enterprise Data Movement.

Historically, E3 Retail has serviced large Tier 1 retailers in North America and Asia with traditional in-house infrastructure and data centre size technologies.   With advancements in horizontal cloud technologies, E3 Retail has expanded its service offerings to include SaaS models for additional retail segments and organisations who need more advanced features and capabilities without the burden of managing or supporting additional IT infrastructure.

E3 Retail was rated among the top twenty most promising retail technology solution providers in 2016 by CIO Review.

For more information/to apply for the new roles go to:



Ellen Lynch

Regional Communications, Press & PR Executive

IDA Ireland

087 4112084

Best Buy deploys e3 Retail's ADVANTAGe POS solution

e3 Retail announces Best Buy deployment of e3 Retail’s next generation Point of Service (POS) software focusing on customer experience, new EMV compliance requirements and flexibility with ADVANTAGe POS

RALEIGH, NC –(BUSINESS WIRE) – January 17, 2016 – e3 Retail announced today that Best Buy completed its chain wide deployment of e3 Retail’s new ADVANTAGe POS software within the first six months of 2015. The software was in place prior to the 2015 holiday shopping season in each of Best Buy’s more than 1,400 stores in the U.S.

e3 Retail’s ADVANTAGe suite of enterprise retail software is an advanced solution designed for tomorrow’s retail challenges and redefines the traditional approach to point of sale software. With ADVANTAGe POS, retailers can easily utilize multiple form factors – including mobile tablets, kiosk and traditional POS registers – for customer efficiency and checkout, eliminating the unnecessary cost and time to support similar functionality on multiple software platforms.
In an ever-changing competitive retail market landscape, Best Buy is well positioned to move faster with the introduction of these and many other new capabilities into its stores. “e3 Retail is an important partner for us as we work to put the customer at the core of every process and every decision,” said Joe McRae, Senior Director of Retail IT for Best Buy. “The POS solution was key to facilitating a positive experience for our customers. Using a solid product together with incredibly knowledgeable teams produced a system that was simple and intuitive for our associates. e3 Retail brought both of these qualities to the table.”

ADVANTAGe POS is designed with the holistic store experience at its core. This is achieved by creating optimal experiences for both the associates and the customer. The intelligent user interface provides the associate with real-time information at the right time to impact the customer experience. To compliment the new POS system, Best Buy also invested in new touch-based flat-screen monitors. By enabling the touch screen interface, ADVANTAGe POS can be used throughout the store in order to significantly aid usability and speed. As a result, both the needed training time and overall transaction time decreased. The faster transaction times ran contrary to what many retailers experienced as a result of the new EMV compliance requirements.

Best Buy is also leveraging e3 Retail’s ADVANTAGe Enterprise Promotions Engine to deliver omni-channel pricing in real-time to systems requiring up to the minute pricing and offers. “e3 Retail’s success is defined by our customers”, said Ken Jenkins, President, CEO, e3 Retail. "We appreciate the confidence Best Buy has shown in e3 Retail. As Best Buy grows their business, e3 Retail can provide the company with a competitive advantage by bringing innovative technology solutions, project leadership and service wherever they are needed."
About e3 Retail

e3 Retail is a privately held company with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina; San Diego, California and New Delhi, India. With expertise in large-scale technology implementations, complex networks, systems architecture, industry consulting and innovative solutions, e3 Retail has provided its products and expertise to some of the leading companies in the world.
Media Contacts:

Debbi Hucaby
e3 Retail, LLC
919-841-4990 x117

e3 Retail Announces Point-to-Point Encryption Available for ADVANTAGe TouchPointPOS

e3 Retail Announces Point-to-Point Encryption Available for ADVANTAGe TouchPointPOS

Raleigh, NC – (BUSINESS WIRE) – January 10, 2015 – e3 Retail announces Point-to-Point encryption (P2PE) as part of its overall Point- of-Service strategy integrated into its TouchPointPOS solution. Having successfully integrated and deployed Point-to-Point encryption (P2PE) with a top 20 retailer in several strategic store locations across the country during Q4 2014, the solution will now deploy chain wide in early 2015. e3 Retail is readying another P2PE implementation using a different payment platform for another major U.S. retailer with the rollout planned for Q3 2015.

With P2PE, the consumer’s credit or debit card data is immediately encrypted when the consumer enters his or her card at a P2PE certified payment terminal via Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) swipe, Near Field Communication (NFC), Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV / Chip and Pin) card entry, or hand-key entry; thus easing the burden on the retailer in regard to managing or storing the customer’s sensitive data. Using advance capabilities integrated into TouchPointPOS, the system blocks the reading of non- encrypted credit data at the device layer prior to unsecure data entering the POS application to help prevent the fraudulent use of compromised or un-encrypted PIN PAD equipment. Once entered, the encrypted credit data flows end-to-end through the entire network beginning with the POS system and ending at the associated processor or bank - all secure. The encrypted credit data can only be decrypted and recognized at a specific P2PE endpoint such as the retailer’s backend merchant processor or authorizing bank.

P2PE delivers significant benefit:

  • While EMV helps to cut down on the fraudulent credit card usage, it does not eliminate the burden of managing sensitive customer information borne by the retailer. However, securing sensitive data through P2PE, the entire process from card read, authorization and storage of the data is protected.
  • P2PE also reduces PCI scope of the retailer’s store systems and POS applications and minimizes risk of external data breach and internal employee theft / fraud.
  • P2PE can be a part of the retailer’s strategic initiatives to instill consumer confidence when transacting business in the retailer’s store locations because consumer sensitive credit data is secured as soon as possible.

"2014 will be forever known in the retail industry as the year of massive credit card breaches. Despite large investments in PCI compliance, retailers experienced security intrusions where sensitive customer credit data was hacked and stolen. Fortunately, 2015 is shaping up to be the year where leading retailers take definitive action to fight back against hackers by integrating more secure solutions such as P2PE, EMV (Chip and Pin), and tokens. The cost of implementing a leading-edge POS solution with P2PE technology is small when compared to the financial exposure of a credit card data breach." states Ken Jenkins, President, e3 Retail.
Visit e3 Retail at the National Retail Federation (NRF) The Big Show 2015 in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) booth (Booth #3143) during dates January 11-13, 2015, for a demo of TouchPointPOS part of the retail ADVANTAGe suite of solutions.
About e3 Retail

e3 Retail is a privately held company with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina; San Diego, California and New Delhi, India. With expertise in information technology, complex networks, systems architecture, industry consulting and innovative data solutions, e3 Retail has provided solutions to some of the leading companies in the world.
Media Contacts:

Debbi Hucaby
e3 Retail, LLC
919-841-4990 x117


From American Kiosk Management

"In 2008, American Kiosk Management (AKM) was looking for a modern POS solution that could handle every aspect of our business. We selected e3 Retail as that technology partner. Since implementing the e3 Retail solution, AKM is able to make smart decisions to reduce costs, increase sales and deliver an exceptional customer experience."

"AKM has also installed from e3 Retail’s software portfolio the Enterprise Offer Management solution. With this solution, AKM has been able to increase customer loyalty with the flexibility in defining promotions, increase overall revenue by streamlining promotion execution, through the rules based tool we can now determine the applicable promotion to provide the “best deal” to the customer and this solution integrates seamlessly with TouchPoint POS."

"Bottom line, we are pleased to be partnered with e3 Retail."

Linda Johansen–James | American Kiosk Management, CEO

e3 Retail New Website

e3 Retail invites you to explore our new website. The new website has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience. Our site is compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. We wanted to provide an ADVANTAGe to our website visitors by offering a forum to hear from our execs, sharing first-hand comments from our existing clients, getting a better understanding on “why do business” with e3 Retail and to make available detailed products and services information to help customers understand our range of retail solutions. Visitors can also stay informed with the latest news from the company through the Newsroom section with features about our latest announcements and IN THE SPOTLIGHT items. Furthermore, the new website allows users to share products and pages that interest them via social media.

e3 Retail ADVANTAGe

With our plans around a new website, it’s been a perfect time to evaluate our brand and provide a name that encompasses our suite of solutions. e3 Retail’s team of retail-focused experts have developed the ADVANTAGe suite. This suite of solutions covers both the shopping channel and enterprise solutions. These solutions will provide a quick ROI and a competitive ADVANTAGe to any retailer. Our shopping channel solutions deliver a robust platform to consistently run a successful retail enterprise on a day-to-day basis. This suite of retail applications improves the customer experience, reduces costs and enables true omni-channel retailing. The enterprise solutions provide retailers with innovative technologies that deliver a quick ROI. These solutions provide invaluable business insight from store management to C-level executives. The e3 Retail suite offers any retailer the opportunity to affect their bottom line with cost savings and effectively manage their enterprise…and with our experience we can provide our clients an ADVANTAGe today.

Same Company, New Look

With a new website launch on the horizon, e3 Retail has refreshed our logo. This wasn’t a decision we made lightly. We are very proud of our history. We are the same company, with the same management, development team and retail vision our customers have grown to count on. We will continue to deliver innovative retail solutions. Our current operating addresses and contact details remain the same. The task in the upcoming months will be to update our website and social media with the new logo.

2014 National Retail Federation

Debbi Hucaby, Director Sales and Marketing, represented e3 Retail at NRF 2014. Debbi had customer and partner meetings, attended breakout sessions and attended Big Idea Sessions.
Hot topics from the meetings / sessions attended:

  • Big Data / Analytics – how to get more value from your data.
  • Omni-channel - changing the retail landscape.
  • Mobile - integral for the consumer and the retailer.
  • Social media - valuable tool in a retailer's arsenal.

The Big Show, NRF 2014