ADVANTAGe Enterprise Offer Management Tool

The Enterprise Offer Tool is a comprehensive execution engine for promotions and offers. This rules-based engine allows a retailer the flexibility to support the simple to the complex combinations of sales promotions, examples include: 

  • Item-based promotions
  • Merchandise-hierarchy-based promotions
  • Customer-segement-focused promotions
  • Threshold promotions
  • Transaction-based promotions
  • Gift cards
  • Coupons

The architecture allows the engine to be deployed at a POS, kiosk, on mobile devices, on an in-store server, throughout the enterprise or on the cloud. Applications built with different technologies and deployed in different shopping channels may also utilize this tool.

ADVANTAGe Data Exchanger

In real time, the Data Exchanger provides a platform to easily move traditional POS transaction-related data from one system or business channel to another (that is to create / update baskets in one channel and retrieve/consume them in other channels).

  • With Data Exchanger, the customer may create and purchase from a universal shopping cart -on the Web, in-store, or over the phone using their e-wallet to pay or interact with a sales associate. Data Exchanger enables the retailer to provide up-front, one-to-one marketing by:
  • Allowing customers to add items to their “universal shopping cart”
  • Allowing customers to share their basket with the retailer. In sharing, the retailer will know who the customer is and what his or her shopping preferences are in order to add offers and/or special pricing
  • Giving the retailer a mechanism to provide unique information to the customer (such as video links, product demos, private messaging, etc.)
  • Allowing the customer to view his or her basket via any Web-accessible device

ADVANTAGe Enterprise Returns

The Enterprise Returns package may be integrated with the POS or centrally deployed at the corporate level and accessed across all channels. This real-time solution prevents fraud and, at the same time, provides greater customer service by providing the retailer with a flexible returns policy.

ADVANTAGe Enterprise Retail Services

The Enterprise Retail Services package is comprised of a proven set of comprehensive data-capture components: 

  • The Enterprise Trickle Push is a real-time push of transactional data. This solution is architected for polling from the small retailer up to 5000+ store locations. 
  • The Enterprise Integrator loads the transactional history data into the OLTP database, which is also the data gateway to other systems (such as GL, Inventory, OLAP Data Warehouse, etc.). 
  • The Enterprise Messaging Engine is a .NET-based solution. Critical in a retail environment, this transaction-based messaging engine guarantees data delivery.

ADVANTAGe Device Management Services

This cost-savings solution provides the retailer with the capability of managing and sharing Point of Sale devices between multiple applications. The POS peripherals (such as printers, signature capture pads, etc.) may be accessed from wireless devices or from Web applications. This solution brings a true omnichannel experience to life for a retailer’s end customer.

ADVANTAGe Product Linker

This flexible solution allows the retailer to create mandatory or optional relationships for products. By creating product relationships between one or more items (such as a phone, data plan and accessories) a retailer may increase profit with this suggestive selling solution.