The 4-Walls of the Store No Longer Exist


Transact anywhere ... anytime

  • The 4-Walls of the Store no Longer Exist

In today's retail landscape, one requires solutions that allow you to transact cost-effectively in various retail formats including large or small stores, on location where the customer is, or at special events. With ADVANTAGe, one can configure and deploy in the cloud, at the enterprise, using servers in-store, or on a collapsed POS register with both front-end checkout and server functions in the same register. ADVANTAGe supports both 24-hour or daily operations.

  • Use ADVANTAGe POS, Mobile, or Kiosk to checkout customers where they are located.
  • Whether you have large, medium, or small format stores, ADVANTAGe can be configured to meet your needs
  • Configure ADVANTAGe to operate on a traditional register, a mobile tablet, kiosk, or phone regardless of location.
  • With ADVANTAGe, one can deploy different user interfaces for each device or ADVANTAGe's adaptive UI can be used with each device or user who signs on to a device.
  • Using the ADVANTAGe configurable security, one can limit access to various functionality by role definition and assignment.
  • Extensive reporting, cash management tools, and business control applications provide the capability you demand in today's competitive environment to reduce labor cost, operate efficiently, and increase your competitive advantage.